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Photo Album: PolyRenewal Sidewalk in Centennial, CO

Album Description

This homeowner in Centennial, CO became concerned with her front sidewalk after the left side of the concrete was sinking a lot quicker than the right side, making the walkway uneven. Concerned with the safety hazard the uneven steps posed, they called the best in the concrete leveling business, Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems! After a PolyRenewal lift and a quick epoxy where the sidewalk met the house, this sidewalk looks brand new!

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  • Unsightly cracks, sinking slabs, measured up!
  • Another measurement, another sunken slab.
  • Front walkway steps, pre-project
  • Left side corner concrete slab, sunken in!
  • A total transformation!
  • Brand new corner!
  • Epoxied, clean and level!
  • No more sinking!
  • Clean and beautiful siding
  • Old epoxy ripping away