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Photo Album: PolyRenewing in Aurora, CO

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This Aurora, CO home was experiencing several issues with shifting concrete after the perimeter of the home close to their garden space started to sink, causing several corners of the house to pull away from the floor. The homeowner knew they had to take action to avoid unwanted pests and water leaking into the house, so they called the best team of concrete leveling connoisseurs, Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems! Our foreman Jesse went out to get the job done, leveling out the concrete underneath the home to ensure it wouldn't sink any further! Now the homeowner can rest assured that her home won't shift any longer.

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  • New and level!
  • Brick restored
  • Before the PolyRenewing
  • Detaching corner
  • The bathroom
  • Ripping away from the concrete
  • Original corner, pre-production