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Photo Album: Attic Insulation Installation in Dacono, CO

Album Description

This home in Dacono, CO wall falling victim to the warnings signs if inefficient attic insulation. Uneven temperatures throughout the upstairs bedrooms and ice damming on the roof alarmed the homeowner, especially because she already had insulated her attic in the past to prevent these issues in the first place! She called Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come and look in her attic and confirm her suspicions inefficient insulation. Our lead attic insulation specialist Jhai came for a consultation, and discovered that her previous insulation was subject to water damage and was no longer working to keep her home warm. Jhai got to work right after the consultation, removing the old wet insulation and replacing it with our efficient blown in cellulose! Now her home will stay warm and cozy all year round, and the homeowner had her peace of mind restored.

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  • New Cellulose
  • Wide View of the Brand New Insulation!
  • Brand New Insulation!
  • Blown-In perfectly!
  • Another view of the Cellulose!
  • A total transformation!
  • Packed high for maximum efficiency
  • Before the Cellulose`
  • Bagging Up the Old Insulation
  • Through The Window
  • Finishing Up
  • Pre-Production