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Photo Album: PolyRenewal Basement and Garage Lift in Highlands Ranch, CO

Album Description

This homeowner in Highlands Ranch, CO began a project to redo the carpets in their home when they noticed a major problem: Their basement and garage concrete slabs had sunken so far that they tore away from the rest of the foundation! Knowing that a new carpet install couldn't continue without a level floor, the homeowner decided to search on the web for a solution to their sinking slabs, and found us! After seeing positive reviews on our website for concrete lifting, they gave us a call to schedule an appointment. Our foremen Rob and Jesse promptly went to their home and with a quick PolyRenewal lift, were able to restore the slabs to their original height so the homeowner could continue his project!

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  • Raised up!
  • Sealed and Level!
  • Level once again!
  • Close up of the joint ripping away
  • Left side corner concrete slab, sunken in!
  • Ripping away from the walls