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Photo Album: CrawlSeal and Drainage Matting in Greenwood Village

Album Description

This home in Greenwood Village was accumulating moisture in the crawlspace, eventually leading to a musty smell throughout the home and mold spreading over the crawlspace walls. After becoming concerned with the health hazards the mold posed to the homeowners, they called on Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to get the job done! After sending out our foreman Israel to do an inspection, he and his crew were able to fully encapsulate the crawlspace, install drainage matting and remove the mold! Now the homeowners peace of mind is restored, and their crawlspace is clean and mold free!

Thumbnail View

  • Wide View of the Finished Project
  • New Vapor Barrier!
  • Before the Install
  • Insulation Close-Up
  • Wide View of the Crawlspace
  • Before the Installation
  • Close-Up of the Drainage Matting
  • Full Scope of the Drainage Matting
  • Drainage Matting