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Photo Album: Helical Piers for a Settling Foundation in Denver, CO

Album Description

This home in Denver, CO had sunk a large amount on all sides of the home, causing large cracks on the inside and the outside of the home. Becoming increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of their home, the homeowners called Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come do a full inspection of the home and determint the best solution for their failing foundation. Sending an engineer to the site, after a full inspection they determined that the best solution for the home was a helical piering installation on the peremiter of the home and seal the cracks within the walls to prevent any worsening.

Our foreman Augustin and his crew were sent out to the job site, where they installed a total of 11 low profile helical piers, as well as 5 handheld piers around the home. Once completed, the foundation was permanantly stabilized and will no longer settle and crack further! 

Thumbnail View

  • After the helical pier installation
  • After the piering, The chimney no longer tilts!
  • Stairstep crack repaired!
  • Cracking near the hose spout
  • Hose crack repaired!
  • Before picture of a horizontal crack in the outside of the home
  • Interior wall crack
  • Severe cracking on the exterior corner
  • Interior drywall crack
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Large horizontal ceiling crack
  • Another view of the ceiling cracking
  • Gap where the chimney met the home
  • Stair strep crack on the exterior if the home.
  • Horizontal stair step crack across the brick
  • Vertical cracking
  • Drywall cracking
  • Other side of the tilting chimney
  • Hairline vertical crack in the wall
  • Ceiling ripping away