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Photo Album: Piering Project in Aurora, CO

Album Description

This home in Aurora, CO had issues with a sinking foundation that caused separation of the tile wall in the home and cracking on the exterior of the wall. After checking online and putting in an inquiry in HomeAdvisor about help with his foundation, they recommended him to us! After setting up his appointment with our appointment center, we sent our design specialist Mike to do a free estimate and inspection of his home, as well as an engineer from SS Consulting Structural Engineering to do a full walk-through and make a proper diagnosis for the foundation. 

After the engineer did a walk-through, he determined that the best way to stabilize the foundation and repair the previous damage was to install 12 helical piers around the perimeter of the home. 

We sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to install the piers around the home, and once the job was completed the home was permanently stabilized and his peace of mind was restored!

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  • After the piering!
  • Large gap in the exterior bricking
  • Another window corner crack
  • Window corner brick separation
  • Vertical stair step cracks on the bottom exterior bricking
  • Pre-production bricking separation
  • Another crack on the corner of the window
  • Vertical cracking on the corners of the front door
  • Another window well corner crack
  • Another stair step crack on the corner of a window
  • Repaired stair step window crack!