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Photo Album: Concrete Wall Collision in Denver, CO

Album Description

This concrete garage wall project was one for the books. An apartment complex owner in Denver, CO called us to come look at his garage wall after a car had driven into it! The foundation wall was damaged, bringing water into the garage and causing large, unsightly cracks. Making sure we got them taken care of immediately, we sent out our Design Specialist Robert O. to do a full inspection of the damage, and he determined  that the best option was to stabilize the wall and sealing the cracking that was present. After sending an engineer to confirm the design project, we sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to do the installation. Installing 6 C-Channel steel beams on the broken wall and putting epoxy over the cracks, the wall was permanently stabilized! No car is a match for our repairs!

Thumbnail View

  • Steel angle Iron Support Beam
  • C-Channel Steel Beam
  • Another C-Channel Steel Beam
  • Two C-Channel Steel Beams
  • Steel angle Iron Support Beam Full View
  • Epoxy Repairs and An Angled Support
  • Before the Epoxy Injections
  • Wide View Of the Steel Beams
  • Underneath the Garage, Post-Installation
  • After the Install, Before the Clean-Up
  • Pre-Install Cracked Wall
  • Large Wall Crack Near the Apartment Door
  • Large Vertical Crack