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Photo Album: CrawlSeal and Wall Anchors in Fort Lupton, CO

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This homeowner in Fort Lupton, CO had noticed a large horizontal crack in the foundation of the home he had been looking into buying. Calling us to do a full inspection and determine the problem and solution, we sent our design specialist Rob G. to go out to the home and do a full inspection of the home. The crack had extended to all but one wall in the basement, and Rob proposed a full perimeter installation of wall anchors to repair the cracking and permanently stabilize the foundation. Upon further inspection Rob noticed standing water in their crawlspace and proposed an encapsulation of the crawlspace as well. After closing on the home, the owner called us to set up a time to install his CrawlSeal encapsulation and the wall anchors. We sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to complete the job, installing 8 wall anchors and doing a full crawlspace encapsulation with drainage matting. Now the homeowner can rest assured that his crawlspace and basement will stay damage, crack and moisture free!

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  • Before the Installation
  • Before the CrawlSeal and Drainage Matting!
  • Pre-Vapor Barrier, the Drainage Matting Installed!
  • After the Encapsulation!
  • Vapor Barrier Installed!