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Photo Album: Unusual Helical Piering Job In Aurora, CO

Album Description

This helical piering job was a first for Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems. After getting a call from the owner of this commercial building concerned with foundation issues, we set up an appointment with our design specialist Rick. Coming out to the home, he knew right away this was a unique situation. Calling out an engineer to the site, he determined that this piering project was going to be difficult. 

Or normal push pier system system drills straight into the ground, with the brackets facing inwards. This project however, was quite different. After the engineer had set up the plan, our foreman Israel was assigned to the difficult job. He went out to the site and installed the helical piering job, where the braces were put at an angle on the outside of the home,pushing the wall the opposite direction to push the wall back to its original state. The first project of its kind, especially on a commercial building was difficult but rewarding when it was completed.

After Israel had finished the project, the building owner's peace of mind was restored! The wall will now be set to back to its original place, without settling any further!

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  • The Bracket Against The Wall
  • Close Up of the Pier
  • Full View Of The Piering
  • The Bracket Against The Wall
  • The Bracket Against The Wall