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Photo Album: RMCBS Gives Back: Our Blood Drive For Children's Hospital

Album Description

Another community event for RMCBS under our belt! Our recruiter Sara coordinated a blood drive for children's hospital for the company, and 22 awesome team members were able to donate!
Being apart of a business is one thing, but taking time to help and be apart of our community is the true meaning behind our one team and one passion philosophy. We are blessed to be apart of a company that puts such importance on helping those who need it most.
If you're interested in donating blood to children's hospital you can learn more here:…/donate-volu…/give-blood/

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  • Angela's Donation
  • Ben D. After His Donation
  • Mo After Her Donation
  • Sara H. Giving Blood
  • Travis Ready To Donate!
  • Tony Giving Blood