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Photo Album: CrawlSeal and ExTremeBloc in Denver, CO

Album Description

This homeowner in Denver, CO had became interested in our crawlspace encapsulation services after noticing his cold floors, indicating failing insulation. We sent out our Design Specialist Mike K. to come do a full inspection of the home and confirmed the inefficiency of the crawlspace insulation, which had been subject to water damage from humid conditions in the crawlspace. After the proposal was made, we sent out our foreman Felipe to complete the project, installing a full vapor barrier, removing the old insulation, and replacing it with our ExTremeBloc insulation panels.

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  • The Entrance to the Crawl
  • ExTremeBloc Panels And Vapor Barrier
  • ExTremeBloc Panels and Vapor Barrier
  • Vapor Barrier and ExTremeBloc
  • Access Door Shot
  • Light Shining Over the New Crawlspace
  • Transformed Crawlspace
  • Transformed Crawlspace
  • Moldy Insulation
  • Mold in the Crawlspace
  • Mold in the Crawlspace Insulation
  • Mold in the Crawlspace Insulation
  • Crawlspace Door