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Photo Album: Crawlspace IntelliJacks In Longmont, CO

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This homeowner in Longmont, CO had first began to worry about the condition of her crawlspace and basement after noticing water in her sump system. After taking a closer look into the area, she also became concerned with her support system in the crawlspace and considered having them replaced, as the previous wood supports had been causing the floor above to sag. After setting up an appointment, our design specialist Scott M. went to her home and provided a full inspection of her home. Upon his inspection, he confirmed her suspicions of a failing sump system am support beams. After the project was set in place, we sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to complete the project, installing a SafeDri Triple sump system, and IntelliJack support posts to replace her previous failing support beams. Now the homeowner's peace of mind has been restored, and her sump pump and support system has been re-invented!

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  • Crawlspace Support Posts
  • Four Crawlspace Support Posts
  • Four Crawlspace Support Posts
  • View Of The Crawlspace Support Beam and IntelliJacks
  • Wideview Of the Full Installation
  • Top View Of the Installations
  • IntelliJacks and Support Beam
  • Support Beam Secured On To IntelliJacks
  • Support Beam Secured On To IntelliJacks
  • The Previous Wooden Support Posts
  • Top View Of the Previous Support Posts
  • Old Support Posts
  • Support Posts and West Side Crawlspace View