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Photo Album: Waterproofing An Arvada, CO Basement

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After noticing a musty smell and small amounts of water in their home in Arvada, CO, these homeowners went on Angies list to find a solution to their problem. After being referred to us, we gave them a call and set up an appointment with our design specialist Eric J. to come out and do a free home inspection. Upon his inspection of the home, he noticed water damage along the bottom of the basement walls, efflourescense, and the small amounts of water that originally concerned the homeowner. Drawing up a customized plan to ensure the basement would no longer experience any more water, he recommended the installation of a SafeDri Triple Sump sump system as well as our wall restoration panels along the bottom of the basement wall. Once the project was set in stone, we sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to complete the job, where they installed a full SafeDri Triple sump system with a BasementGutter, as well as the wall panels along the entirety of the bottom of the basement wall. With their new basement waterproofing system in place, this homeowner no longer has to worry about water in her basement!

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  • Fully Installed Sump System and Wall Panels
  • Wall Panels And Sump Pump
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  • Wall Panels
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