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Photo Album: Concrete Lifting in Castle Rock, CO

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After noticing that one side of her garage wall and a part of her front porch was sinking, she consulted her realtor of the property and was referred to us for an inspection. Once we set up an appointment for her, we sent out our design specialist Wyatt M. to go out to her home and preform a full inspection of the home, where he proposed doing a PolyRenewal lift of the sinking concrete to raise the slab to its original height and close the gap in the garage wall.

After her inspection, we set an appointment for the installation and sent out our foreman Jesse H. to complete the job. Using our PolyRenewal 250h to lift the slab to its original height, and sealing the gap in her garage!

Now the homeowner can rest assured that the concrete slab won't sink any longer and the crack won't worsen!

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  • Lifted And Level!
  • Large Crack Across the Garage Floor
  • Outside Cracking
  • Stair Crack
  • Interior Cracking
  • Outside Cracking