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Photo Album: Wall Anchors In Lakewood, CO

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This homeowner in Lakewood, CO became concerned with the structural stability of his basement wall after noticing some horizontal cracking and signs of water damage around the cracks. Referred to us by a neighbor, he called Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to do a full inspection of the basement and determine the best solution for his basement wall.

His appointment was made and we sent out our design specialist Lucas F. to do a free, no-obligation estimate and inspection of the home and the wall in question. Upon the inspection, Lucas determined the best solution for his basement would be to stabilize the wall with an anchoring system.

After his inspection was run, the installation date was set and we set out our foreman Israel to complete the job. He and his crew installed 8 wall anchors on the north wall of the home, permanently stabilizing the bowing and keeping it secure for years to come!

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  • Wall Anchors in the Bathroom
  • Crack Repair and Wall Anchors
  • Sealed Crack and Anchor
  • Two Anchors Epoxy Along the Wall
  • Corner Wall Anchor
  • The Original Crack