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Photo Album: PolyRenewal Garage In Thornton, CO

Album Description

This homeowner originally contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems after an issue with his crawlspace, and wanted us to check out his concrete in the garage during his inspection. After his appointment was made, we sent out our design specialist Ben M. to do a full inspection of his home, where he made the suggestion of  PolyRenewing his garage.
After his PolyRenewal appointment had been set, we sent out our foreman Jesse to complete the project.
Jesse was able to lift the garage concrete slab back to its original height with our PolyRenewal 250h, and sealed up the cracks with epoxy to finish the garage leveling!
Now this homeowner can rest assured that his garage concrete won't sink or crack any further, thanks to Jesse!

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  • The Finished Garage Slabs
  • Finished Garage Lifting!
  • Epoxied Floor Joist
  • Epoxied Floor Joist
  • Original Tilted and Cracked Concrete
  • Slab Separation
  • Slab Separation
  • Tilted Concrete Slab
  • Sunken Concrete Slab