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Photo Album: Garage Concrete Leveling in Arvada, CO

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This homeowner in Arvada, CO had learned about our PolyRenewal concrete lifting services from our booth at the Colorado 2019 Denver Home and Garden Show and was interested in lifting his un-level garage slabs in his home. To come take a look at the damage and asses a custom solution, we sent out our design specialist Lucas F. to provide a free estimate and inspection of the garage. After the proposal was made and the project was set, we sent out our PolyRenewal pro Jesse H. and his crew to complete the project, where they were able to lift the sinking slabs back to their original height with our PolyRenewal 250h, and sealing up the cracks with our PolyRenewal joint sealant. Now the homeowners garage concrete is level and crack free!

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  • Hard At Work
  • Pre-Project Corner
  • After The Lift!
  • Close-Up Of The Corner