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Photo Album: Foundation Repair Project in Denver, CO

Album Description

This homeowner in Denver, CO had began to notice settlement in one corner of his home and grew concerned about the structural integrity of his home. Knowing the problem wouldn't improve with time, they decided to take action right away and call Rod Martin's Complete Basement Sytems to come and do a free inspection and estimate for the sinking foundation!
We sent out our design specialist Robert G. to do the estimate, where he confirmed the foundation was failing and offered his proposal for the work! Once the appointment was set, we sent out our foreman Zach W. to complete the installation, where he and his crew installed helical piers around the settling areas of the home, restoring the homeowners peace of mind and his settling forndation once and for all!

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  • Vertical Wall Crack
  • Ceiling Crack
  • Helical Pier Hole Site
  • Two Excavation Sites On The Wall Of The Home
  • Helical Pier Pieces
  • Excavation Site
  • Excavation Site
  • Ready For More Digging
  • Hard At Work
  • Excavation Hole
  • Two Excavated Holes
  • Fully Excavated Hole
  • Zach At Work
  • Pier In The Hole
  • Mini Excavator
  • Taking Measurements
  • Driven Pier
  • View From Above