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Drainage Problems FAQ in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Denver

If you are having Drainage Problems in Denver Metro Area including Longmont, Broomfield, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Aurora, Littleton then some of our question answers below can help you.

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Q: What are some typical drainage problems I might have?
  • Water is entering your basement through the floor, walls, or windows.
  • You have cracks in your concrete floor or walls.
  • Your walls or floor are damp and/or a musty smell is present.
  • There is visible moisture under your structural floor or the soil appears unusually moist.
  • Poor grading allowing water to pool around your foundation.
  • Wet crawl spaces.
Q: Why should I fix my water problem?
  • Water is the catalyst that causes almost all the associated structural or mold infestation problems. Too much water around or under foundations causes soils to swell vertically and horizontally. This causes floors to heave and walls to bow. It also causes elevated humidity levels under structural floors and in crawl spaces. This allows mold to grow on the organic material in those areas. Water also causes damage to property in finished basements and in storage areas.
  • You will protect the value of your home! Water problems will significantly decrease the value of your home and hamper your effort to sell it if desired.
  • You can increase the living space in your home. By repairing your water problem, the basement becomes a more comfortable, safe environment for your family. It also provides a clean dry environment for stored items.
  • Finishing your basement is much less expensive than it is to add on an addition.
Q: How long does it take to waterproof a basement or crawl space?
A: A few days is typical but often it takes less time. More extensive repairs take longer. In some cases, a few weeks may be needed.
Q: Do you guarantee the work?
A: YES! We offer a full workmanship warranty on all our drainage products that is transferable from owner to owner.

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