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Carpet is a common flooring choice in basements everywhere. However, the basement environment can lead to several problems for carpet, including water damage and mold. If you want to install carpet in your basement, it’s essential to protect your investment.

Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems provides a waterproof subfloor system for basement floors to protect against water and mold damage. Our floor matting will ensure that you have the necessary vapor barrier while also providing a warmer surface. If you want to install a waterproof subfloor in your home in Greater Denver, call us today for a free quote!

What It Does:

Basement Floor Matting consists of interlocking waterproof tiles that create a warmer floor surface and form a vapor barrier on your basement floor.

By installing this system underneath your basement carpet, you protect it from the constant flow of water vapor that passes through the concrete below. This moisture would otherwise be absorbed by your carpeting and padding, leading to mold, rot, odors, and damp carpeting underfoot!

Installation Time:

Basement Floor Matting installs on a basement floor quickly — most often in less than a day — without grouts or adhesives. You’ll be able to walk on this floor (or begin the installation of your carpeting) right away. Each installation includes a written warranty.

Advantages of Floor Matting:

Basement Floor Matting not only protects your carpet from moisture damage — it also makes your basement floor a warmer, more comfortable surface. With a special grid pattern on the bottom of the tile, an air space is created below each tile. This air space creates a thermal break on your basement floor, making the surface of Basement Floor Matting 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below.

Basement Floor Matting is a unique waterproofing product because it contains no chipboard, wood, or organic materials in its design. Additionally, it creates a vapor barrier on your basement floor — one that will not let damaging water vapor pass through and reach your carpet — so the water vapor has an air space to move around and dry out. Water from surprise groundwater leaks or plumbing leaks will not damage this basement floor.

Protect your floor with waterproof subfloor tiles

If you’re investing in basement carpeting, be sure to protect your new floor with our waterproof subflooring. Without installing a waterproofing system, your floor will be exposed to water damage and mold.

The basement flooring experts at Rod Martin’s Complete Basement Systems can help protect against those problems in your home. If you want to learn more about our waterproof flooring products, call us today for a free estimate. We proudly serve in Loveland, Longmont, Cheyenne, Broomfield, Commerce City, Parker, Castle Rock and throughout the nearby areas.