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Basement Windows, Egress & Window Well Systems In Greater Denver

How Basement Windows Factor Into Waterproofing Systems

If your basement has leaking water due to windows or window wells, or if it has affected these existing systems, it is important to address these problems at the first sign of trouble. Whether you notice a slight puddle or trickle of water, or a full-blown flooded mess, you need to act right away. The longer you put off the issue and wait to fix the problem, the more damage will occur and impact your house, your safety and your wallet.  

Having properly installed, sealed, and functioning window systems in your basement is crucial for keeping your home safe and dry. These systems are part of a total basement waterproofing solution. If you’re interested in any kind of waterproofing measures, contact the experts at Complete Basement Systems today! Our certified field inspectors will complete a thorough evaluation of your basement, and they can assess your window systems and make necessary recommendations. We are pleased to partner with Egress, Inc. for any replacement windows, egress systems, or window well needs.

What Window Systems Do

One of the best ways to improve a basement’s appearance after water damage is with energy-efficient replacement windows that provide a clean look and let in natural light. Your basement windows will require a window well to ensure that the area is protected from the elements. Window well covers also help keep leaves, debris, water, and pests out of the window well and away from your basement.

Egress Window Exterior Rain Cover Egress Window Exterior Drain Dome



If you use your basement as an additional bedroom or living space, it needs to meet certain code requirements. It may be unpleasant to think about having to evacuate your home during a fire or other emergency, but it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for safety’s sake. The International Residential Code states that all habitable spaces, including basements, are required to have an emergency escape and rescue opening. This means an egress window system is needed. 

An egress window and well cover must be easily operated without the use of keys or tools, and there must be enough room to be able to crawl through for quick escape.

Here are minimum dimension specifications for egress systems, as laid out in 2018 IRC Section R310


  • Net Clear Area: 5.7 sq. ft. 
  • Net Clear Height: 24 in. 
  • Net Clear Width: 20 in. 

Window Wells:

  • Horizontal Area: 9 sq. ft.
  • Horizontal Projection & Width: 36 in.

Some cities also may have code compliance requirements for natural light and ventilation. Egress, Inc. can assist with any calculations and window choices to meet local rules. 

It depends how much work your window system needs, but average installation time can be one to two hours for windows, and up to an additional two hours for window wells. Egress window systems typically require more time and work including removing existing windows, cutting into walls to enlarge openings and digging down to the proper depth outside your basement to accommodate the escape wells.

Improve Your Basement With New Windows 

Why put up with unsafe, unsightly windows that could be contributing to your wet basement? Have them upgraded to more reliable systems! Having new windows and trustworthy basement waterproofing solutions installed together will help you better protect your home’s safety and health. Contact Complete Basement Systems today for a free basement waterproofing inspection, and we’ll be sure to check out your windows at that time. We proudly serve Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Thornton, Cheyenne, Longmont, Boulder, Littleton, Westminster and the surrounding areas.