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IntelliJack Installation in Denver, CO

After noticing a sag on the first floor of this Denver, CO home, the homeowner became concerned with the reliability of his foundation support in his crawlspace. Upon further inspection, he found that his support system in his crawlspace proved unsatisfactory. Learning that the previous owner of the home had attempted to hold up the support with 2x4 wood posts, he saw the original support posts had rotted away from water damage and knew he had to take action. Finding our services through an internet referral, he gave us a call for a no obligation inspection. Our design specialist Rob came out to his home and was able to confirm his suspicions that the support was failing, causing the floor to sag. Rob determined the best solution for this home was a central IntelliJack support beam to prevent the floor from sinking any further and re-level the floor. After a quick install by our foreman Israel, the floor has been restored to its original height and will no longer sink!

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