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Flooring and PolyRenewal Install in Broomfield, CO

This home in Broomfield, CO took on the project of finishing and renovating their basement, aiming to increase the value of their home and utilize the space outside of storage. Previously carpeted, they wanted to make sure that the floor could withstand water and other potential damage. After pulling up the old carpet, they discovered an un-level floor due to the sinking concrete slabs underneath. Knowing the flooring project couldn't continue without a level floor, they called Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come out and level their concrete with our PolyRenewal 250h foam. After the PolyRenewal project was complete, the homeowner decided that instead of keeping the carpet to switch to something more elegant and efficient and had Israel and his team install our Natural Oak basement flooring to finish the basement project and transform it completely! This basement looks brand new, level and has gorgeous flooring!

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