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Piering Installation in Denver, CO

This home in Denver, CO had been dealing with some serious foundation settlement, causing a slew of cracks inside and outside of the home. After the interior cracks started to cause the ceiling and chimney to rip away from the rest of the home, the homeowner knew he had to take action before the settling continued and made for more costly repairs. Once calling us for a free, no obligation estimate, we sent one of our design specialists out to his home to provide a custom solution to his foundation settlement problems.

After we sent out one of our design specialist, the job was scheduled and we were able to get a structural engineer from DL Engineering to come and make a full diagnosis of the damage extent and recommend proper foundation installations to repair and permanently fix his foundation! He recommended that we install a total of thirteen piering systems around the perimeter of the house, to stabilize the areas that were sinking the fastest. 

We sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to complete the piering project, where they not only installed helical piers but handheld piers and bracket systems to permanently stabilize the foundation and restore the homeowners peace of mind!

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