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Edge Drain and SafeDri Triple Sump Pump in Dacono, CO

This homeowner had become concerned with the structural integrity of the home after noticing bouts of foundation heaving in the floor and basement walls of his home. After receiving a foundation repair mail piece from us, he decided to give a call to set up a free, no obligation inspection of his home. We sent out our design specialist Rick D. to complete the walkthrough, where he determined the cause of the heaving was from water trapped in the soils underneath the concrete of the basement. Recommending an edge drain and sump system to capture and reroute the water, the project was set for installation!

Our foreman Israel T. went out to the home with his crew, installing a SafeDri Triple Sump Pump system, and an edge drain around the entire basement! Now the water around the home will be safely rerouted away from the home, making sure the soils around the home cause no more heaving damage!

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