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ExTremeBloc and CrawlSeal Insulation in Longmont, CO

This realtor in Longmont, CO had just secured the property, and upon inspection had noticed the bad state of the crawlspace. knowing that a sealed and finished crawlspace would increase the value of the home, he knew that Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems was the right company to call to give the crawlspace a makeover!

After setting an appointment with our design specialist Sebastian where he completed a full inspection and determined the best option to transform the crawlspace was to install ExTremeBloc insulation, drainage matting and CrawlSeal vapor barrier.

We sent out our foreman Melvin and his crew quickly set to work! They first removed all the debris from the crawlspace, and leveled the dirt in the crawlspace to make an even ground for the drainage matting. After the drainage matting was installed, they did a full encapsulation of the crawlspace to ensure there would be no water or debris in the crawlspace!

Now the realtors peace of mind has been restored, and the crawlspace is ready for the new homeowners!

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