Creepy Crawlspace in Broomfield, CO

This homeowner in Broomfield, CO had the textbook definition of a creepy, crawly crawlspace. Filled with bugs, wet and falling insulation, dirt and debris, the homeowner knew his crawlspace needed help!

Calling on the best crawlspace experts, he set up an appointment with our design specialist Tony P. to come take a look and assess the damage his crawlspace had suffered. Upon Tony's inspection, he had bad news: there was water, pests and bad insulation in his crawlspace. Tony recommended a full encapsulation with insulation, to transform his creepy crawlspace and increase his efficiency!

Once the plan was set, we sent out our crawlspace expert Israel and his crew to complete the job, where they did a full vapor barrier encapsulation and installed ExTremeBloc insulation.

Now the homeowner can rest assured his crawlspace won't have any more water, pests or bugs!

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