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Concrete Leveling Before & After Photos

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Raising a sunken walkway in Thornton, CO

This Thornton, Colorado concrete walkway was in bad shape. However, it was NO match for our PolyRenewal system! Check out the white line in the "Before" picture. This is where our Foreman, Jacob, raised the slab to in the "After"picture. Astonishing!

Basement Concrete Leveling and Lifting in Centennial, CO

This home owner in Centennial, CO became concerned with his basement floor after he had noticed some of the concrete slabs were sinking and pulling away from the walls surrounding them. He decided to hop onto google to find the best solution for his sinking concrete, and found our PolyRenewal services! Our service representative Mary set him up with an appointment for a full inspection with our design specialist Jonathan F., where he determined the best option was to do a full PolyRenewal lifting of the sinking concrete in the basement. After the project was set to be installed, we sent out our PolyRenewal pro Jesse H. to complete the project, lifting the slabs up to their original height and sealing the gaps they had made!

Porch lift in Parker, CO

This homeowner's front porch started sinking into the ground. Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems came in and injected PolyRenewal under the slab to stabilize and raise the porch back to its former height.

Concrete Lifting in Castle Rock, CO

After noticing that one side of her garage wall and a part of her front porch was sinking, she consulted her realtor of the property and was referred to us for an inspection. Once we set up an appointment for her, we sent out our design specialist Wyatt M. to go out to her home and preform a full inspection of the home, where he proposed doing a PolyRenewal lift of the sinking concrete to raise the slab to its original height and close the gap in the garage wall. After her inspection, we set an appointment for the installation and sent out our foreman Jesse H. to complete the job. Using our PolyRenewal 250h to lift the slab to its original height, and sealing the gap in her garage! Now the homeowner can rest assured that the concrete slab won't sink any longer and the crack won't worsen!

Sinking Porch Slabs Saved in Centennial, CO.

This Centennial, Colorado home had a concrete porch that had sunk almost half a foot into the soil in the ground. The large concrete slab had sunk so much, as a matter of fact, that it had separated from the concrete stairs leading to the front door. This formed a massive, unsightly gap underneath the stairs, providing easy access for more water intrusion into the soil below. Look how the PolyRenewal system fixed this homeowner's porch. As good as new!
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