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Concrete Leveling Before & After Photos

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Littleton, CO Concrete Lifting

This Littleton, CO driveway was uneven and unsightly. The homeowners wanted to make the front of their home more appealing and safe from tripping hazards. Jacob and his crew were able to live the driveway back to an even level and restore the homeowner's peace of mind! This driveway looks amazing!

Sinking Sidewalk in Colorado

Sidewalk Concrete Repair in Denver, CO

The sinking concrete sidewalk in Denver, CO was becoming a tripping hazard and putting other's safety at risk. The homeowners knew to contact the best in the business, Complete Basement Systems, to help restore the front of their property and their peace of mind. In a short amount of time, Jacob and his crew lifted the sidewalk back to an even, safe level and left the homeowners mind's at ease!

Lifting a sinking walkway in Denver, CO

This Denver, Colorado home was suffering from sinking concrete slabs. The walkway leading up to the house's porch had sunk several inched into the soft soil, creating unsightly and potentially dangerous gaps between the driveway, the walkway, and the porch. PolyRenewal to the rescue!

Cracked patio in Lakewood, CO

This Lakewood, Colorado home had a concrete patio that had numerous large cracks separating the concrete. Several of the separated sections had even sunk into the ground. Look how our PolyRenewal system fixed this homeowner's patio. No more cracks!
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