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Concrete Leveling Before & After Photos

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Broomfield, CO Driveway Lifting

Jacob and his concrete lifting crew were happy to help this Broomfield, CO homeowner with his driveway repair needs. Using our highly developed PolyRenewal system, the Complete Basement Systems team raised the unsightly driveway a few inches to level it out with the garage, sealed the cracks, and restored the overall appeal!

Porch Repair in Longmont, CO

The front porch of this Longmont, CO home was starting to sink. The homeowners noticed a drastic separation of the left pillar from the cement. This was a major concern, as the pillar requires stabilization to support the overhang properly. The PolyRenewal crew, led by Jacob, used our specialized injection methods to raise the slab back up to a safe height and level out the pillar again. The porch is now stable and the homeowners can rest assured they won't have to worry about any collapses!

Back Porch Repair in Longmont, CO

The owner's of this beautiful home in Longmont, CO became concerned with their sinking back porch step and decided to do something about it. After calling Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, the owners were able to schedule an appointment to solve the problem.  Jacob and his team used our advanced PolyRenewal technology to raise the step back up to a safe level in a short couple of hours. The homeowner's were beyond thrilled to have their step fixed and their peace of mind restored!

Lifted Landing - Loveland, CO

Sinking concrete porch landing in Loveland, CO is injected with PolyRenewal to raise back up to its original position.

Sinking porch in Loveland, CO

This Loveland, Colorado home had a concrete porch that had sunk several inches into the ground. The large concrete slab had sunk even separated from the stairs leading to the front door. This formed an unsightly, and potentially dangerous, gap underneath the stairs. Look how our PolyRenewal system fixed this homeowner's porch. No more gap!
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