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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Littleton, CO Crawl Space Transformation

Owners of this Littleton, CO home wanted to clean up their crawl space to finally have a usable area. After some research, the homeowners knew that our vapor barrier was the perfect product to protect their home from dust and debris. Luis and his crew were quick to clean up the area before installing CrawlSeal throughout the crawl space. The homeowners were left relieved and at ease about their newly found storage room.

Littleton, CO - Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Complete Basement Systems installed CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation system, sealing 1' up from soil level. CrawlSeal is 20mil thick, with 7 layers of high and low density virgin polyethylene (5 layers of polyethylene, 2 layers polyester fiber cord), for strength and durability. By installing CrawlSeal you will: help prevent mold and structural damage, cut down on bugs and critters, help reduce smells and odors, reduce radon gas, and have a wonderful storage space.

Humidity Control in Littleton, CO

The homeowner contacted us for mold and moisture concerns in crawl space. CrawlSeal encapsulation system was installed with a crawl space fan to control humidity levels. The crawl space air system draws conditioned air from the first floor of the home and adds it to the crawl space. The dry air keeps the crawl space warm, dry & healthy

Crawl Space Transformation in Denver, CO

From scary to sleek, Adam Garcia and his team completely transformed this homeowner's crawl space!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Denver, CO

This homeowner in Denver, CO grew concerned with the state of her crawlspace after they noticed a signs of water damage throughout the lower levels. Seeing efflorescence deposits on the siding of the wall connected to the crawlspace and noticing a musty smell in certain parts of the home as their first warning signs, they decided to call Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come out and inspect their crawlspace. After we sent out our expert foreman Jesse to the job, he confirmed their suspicion of a damp and dirty crawlspace. Jesse and his crew immediately got to work to restore her crawlspace to a beautiful state, removing all the dirt and debris and doing a full encapsulation. Her crawlspace is now looking better than ever, with no sign if water, debris or dirt!

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