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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Longmont, CO Crawl Space Transformation

This crawl space in Longmont, CO was very large and full of dust that was entering the home. The homeowners were ready to put an end to particles coming up through the floors, and they wanted a usable storage space. After contacting Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, they knew we were the right choice for the job. Felipe and his crew cleared out the space before installing our CrawlSeal vapor barrier. Now, this crawl space can be used for storage and the homeowners no longer have to worry about dust and debris bothering them inside their home.

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Highlands Ranch, CO

The owners of this Highlands Ranch home couldn't bear the moisture-ridden state of their crawlspace any longer and reached out to Complete Basement Systems to amend the problem. Using our patented products including CrawlSeal and ExTremeBloc, Felipe and his team turned this untidy crawlspace into a dry, usable area.

Crawlspace Clean Up in Castle Pines, CO

The owners of this Castle Pines, CO home wanted to clean up their dirt-covered crawlspace to have an extra storage room. They contacted Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems because they knew we could get the job done quickly and efficiently. Luis and his crew were confident they could turn this dirty environment into a usable space. In a few short hours, the crawlspace was cleaned up, encapsulated, and functional! The homeowners were left satisfied and ready to utilize their newly remodeled area!

ExTremeBloc and CrawlSeal Insulation in Longmont, CO

This realtor in Longmont, CO had just secured the property, and upon inspection had noticed the bad state of the crawlspace. knowing that a sealed and finished crawlspace would increase the value of the home, he knew that Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems was the right company to call to give the crawlspace a makeover! After setting an appointment with our design specialist Sebastian where he completed a full inspection and determined the best option to transform the crawlspace was to install ExTremeBloc insulation, drainage matting and CrawlSeal vapor barrier. We sent out our foreman Melvin and his crew quickly set to work! They first removed all the debris from the crawlspace, and leveled the dirt in the crawlspace to make an even ground for the drainage matting. After the drainage matting was installed, they did a full encapsulation of the crawlspace to ensure there would be no water or debris in the crawlspace! Now the realtors peace of mind has been restored, and the crawlspace is ready for the new homeowners!

Drainage Matting and CrawlSeal Install in Greenwood Village

These homeowners in Greenwood Village, CO noticed a musty smell coming from their crawlspace and discovered mold along the walls and in the insulation. After becoming increasingly concerned with the mold growth the health hazard it posed, they quickly called on Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems to come out and provide a full inspection of their crawlspace. Previously having projects done by us, these homeowners trusted that we could help them out again! Our expert foreman Israel and his crew went out to the home, where they installed drainage matting, eliminated the mold and encapsulated their crawlspace! Now these homeowners no longer have to worry about mold or water in their crawlspace. Case Study: Crawlspace Encapsulation and Mold Removal in Greenwood Village, CO Photo Gallery: CrawlSeal and Drainage Matting in Greenwood...
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