Does My Sump Pump Need Maintenance?

It’s common for people to put off sump pump maintenance. Most of the time, it’s because they think they don’t need maintenance. Here are a few of the things that can happen if you put off your sump pump maintenance too much.

  • Basement Flooding

Probably the most obvious problem that might occur with your sump pump not working is that you might end up with basement flooding that you can’t avoid. Sump pumps are there to help you avoid basement flooding. Obviously, if your sump pump is no longer working, your basement has a much higher chance of flooding.

Issues with basement water have a variety of elements to them and water damage in your basement is one of the issues that you might end up with. When your sump pump doesn’t work properly, you’re more likely to have water in your basement that sits there for a long time, which is where water damage typically comes from.

  • High Levels of Humidity

Whenever you’re not able to remove water entirely from your basement, you’re going to end up with much higher levels of humidity. High levels of humidity can be a serious concern when it comes to your basement’s health and well-being, which is exactly why it’s so crucial that you maintain your water removal options.

It’s also possible for your home to generally have higher levels of humidity. If you live in an especially humid area, your home might already be fighting against the problems that tend to arise with condensation and other moisture concerns. This is why it’s important to pair your sump pump with a dehumidifier.

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