How Do I Fix My Foundation?

Now that you’ve learned about common foundation problems, their causes, and why you should have them fixed, you’re probably feeling motivated to rid your house of them once and for all. Before you head out to your local home improvement stores to stock up on repair supplies, hear us out. No matter how handy you are, foundation repair is serious work, not a DIY project you and a friend can check off your to-do list in a weekend. 

We’ve seen what can happen with quick fixes, and the results aren’t always pretty. There’s the potential for injury or something going wrong, and temporary solutions result in the need for more repairs down the line. Instead of wasting time and money on fast fixes, why not correct the problems the right way with reliable solutions from a reputable contractor

We understand how intimidating it can be to work with a contractor. You’ve probably heard horror stories about incomplete or botched work that did nothing at all to solve the problem and lead to even more issues. But don’t let your knowledge of a few bad apples completely influence your decision. 

The best thing you can do is educate yourself and do some research so you are comfortable with who you bring into your home. Learn more about the company and ask for reviews; references; proof of insurance, licenses, and other certifications; a written contract; and examples of completed work. 

If you still feel stuck or overwhelmed, don’t panic. The experts at Complete Basement Systems are here to help you! 

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