Is a Sump Pump the Only Part of a High-Functioning Sump Pump System?

Although the sump pump itself should be something you think about when it comes to installing your sump pump system, it’s not the only part of your sump pump system. Make sure you’re thinking about these other elements of your sump pump system as well.

  • Backup Sump Pump with Alarm

A backup sump pump can be incredibly helpful for your sump pump needs. That’s because you always want to be prepared for the possibility that your power will go out while your sump pump is working. If it does, you’re going to have to deal with water constantly building up in your basement unless you have a battery-powered backup that can help.

A sump pump alarm is also an important element of your sump pump because it helps you know when something might be wrong. Most of the time, a sump pump alarm will turn on if the water in your basement or crawl space reaches above a specific level. That can alert you to the fact that the sump pump might not be pumping quickly enough for some reason.

  • Other Basement Waterproofing Products

A sump pump should not be your only basement waterproofing method. Although it can be an effective method of getting water out of the basement, you also want to make sure you’re making it as difficult as possible for water to get into the basement in the first place. That means relying on other basement waterproofing products as your line of first defense.

Basement waterproofing is complicated. As you’ve already seen, a proper basement waterproofing system should need more than just a sump pump. The important thing to remember is that every element of your basement waterproofing system needs to be of the highest quality possible if you want it to be effective.

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