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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Aurora, CO Concrete Repair

Candy from Aurora had experienced non-stop problems with her basement flooring for more than 10 years in her home. From cracks to unlevel areas, she was certain there was nothing she could do to fix her concerns. Luckily she heard about RMCBS through a direct mail coupon and decided to give us a call. Our knowledgeable design specialist, Mike, was happy to provide a permanent solution to the concrete floors. Jacob and his crew worked hard to lift the concrete back to its original level and seal off any cracks to prevent future issues. Candy is now worry-free and her floors look great!

Piering Installation in Denver, CO

This home in Denver, CO had been dealing with some serious foundation settlement, causing a slew of cracks inside and outside of the home. After the interior cracks started to cause the ceiling and chimney to rip away from the rest of the home, the homeowner knew he had to take action before the settling continued and made for more costly repairs. Once calling us for a free, no obligation estimate, we sent one of our design specialists out to his home to provide a custom solution to his foundation settlement problems.

After we sent out one of our design specialist, the job was scheduled and we were able to get a structural engineer from DL Engineering to come and make a full diagnosis of the damage extent and recommend proper foundation installations to repair and permanently fix his foundation! He recommended that we install a total of thirteen piering systems around the perimeter of the house, to stabilize the areas that were sinking the fastest. 

We sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to complete the piering project, where they not only installed helical piers but handheld piers and bracket systems to permanently stabilize the foundation and restore the homeowners peace of mind!

Helical Pier Installation in Longmont, CO

After noticing some serious foundation-shifting warning signs, this homeowner in Longmont, CO became worried about further damage. Noticing cracks in her ceiling, bricks shifting around the perimeter and doors not opening and closing properly, she decided to call the best in foundation stabilization, Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems! After her no-obligation estimate and consultation, she knew we were the right ones for the job. Our amazing foreman Israel went out to her home and installed a whopping 10 Helical Piers on the north and south sides of the home. Now that her foundation has been stabilized and lifted to its original position, she no longer has to worry about any more settling or movement! the results are amazing, and this homeowner can now have peace of mind that her home has been permanently restored to its original condition!

Garage Wall Collision in Denver, CO

This concrete garage wall project was one for the books! An apartment complex owner in Denver, CO called us to come look at his garage wall after a car had driven into it!

The foundation wall was damaged, bringing water into the garage and causing large, unsightly cracks. Making sure we got them taken care of immediately, we sent out our Design Specialist Robert O. to do a full inspection of the damage, and he determined  that the best option was to stabilize the wall and sealing the cracking that was present. After sending an engineer to confirm the design project, he determined that we install C-Channel steel beams on the un-stable walls, as well as steel angle beams in the corners, to permanently reinforce the broken wall and prevewnt any future damage!

we sent out our foreman Israel and his crew to do the installation. Installing 6 C-Channel steel beams on the broken wall, 2 angled steel support beams and putting epoxy over the cracks, the wall was permanently stabilized! No car is a match for our repairs!

Wall Anchor Install

The horizontal crack in this Brush, CO home is evidence of a bowing wall. Wall anchors were installed to stabilize, CrawlSeal was installed as a waterproof barrier and then Wall Anchor Covers were added on top to clean up the look and allow for easy access.
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