Foundation Wall Problems in Denver and nearby in Colorado

If you have bowing, buckling, or cracked walls, we can help!

cracked foundation wall

Know the signs. Stair step cracks are among the most common signs of potentially serious damage to foundation walls.

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls? Do you have uneven, bowing walls and sticking doors and windows? If so, you may have a serious foundation wall problem.

Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems specializes in providing quality foundation wall repair. Our trained professionals can diagnose the cause of all types of foundation wall problems and provide you with a long lasting solution that will stabilize your home.

If you have issues with bowing, buckling or cracked foundation walls in your home, call us today at 1-844-241-2961 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora and throughout the surrounding areas.

  • Bowing Walls

    bowing foundation wall

    Bowing walls are being pushed inward, usually by expansive soils or hydrostatic pressure. Expansive soils push against the wall due to water or frost effects. Hydrostatic pressure is when underground water applies inward force against your wall. Common symptoms of this problem include horizontal or stair step cracking along the foundation wall, diagonal cracks in the corners, inward bulges, and walls leaning in at the top or bottom. Any of these issues can severely impact the structural integrity of your foundation.

    Over time, bowing walls can lead to serious damage to the home and impact property value. We solve bowing walls by using wall repair products such as GeoLock® Wall Anchors, which secure the wall to stable soils further away from the home. With these products, we can prevent further inward movement and potentially return your wall to its original position.

  • Wall Cracks

    foundation wall crack

    Wall cracks come in a variety of types, including horizontal or vertical cracks running the length of the wall, stair step cracks, and diagonal cracks in corners around doors and windows. Foundation wall cracks are generally caused by the natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, foundation settlement, and expansive soils. Though a small crack may not be cause for concern, any significant crack could be an indicator of structural problems with your foundation.

    We use different solutions to repair different types of wall cracks. Foundation piers are a good solution for settling foundations in weaker soils, as they provide an extra level of support for the home. Cracks in walls on living levels are sometimes caused by sagging crawl spaces, which we fix with our crawl space support jacks. Our experts will identify the cause of your wall cracks and provide you with the right solution.

  • Collapsing Retaining Walls

    collapsing retaining wall

    Retaining walls are designed to resist the lateral pressure of the soil, but they are still susceptible to tilting, cracking, and buckling. The easiest ways to tell if your retaining wall is damaged is to look for tilting at the top of the wall or separation between the retaining wall and the adjacent structure. These issues can be caused by poor construction, poor drainage around the wall, and expanding soils. All of these factors create additional pressure on the wall and cause it to deteriorate. When you see these problems, your retaining wall needs repair or it will eventually fail completely.

    We use two different methods to restore failing retaining walls: wall anchors and helical tiebacks. With both methods, support shafts are attached to the wall and installed in competent soils further away from the wall. This process stabilizes the wall to prevent additional movement and can also restore your wall to its original condition. Our experts will help you decide on the right product depending on the location of your wall and the makeup of the soils around it.

Before and After
  • Wall Anchor Install
    Wall Anchor Install

    The horizontal crack in this Brush, CO home is evidence of a bowing wall. Wall anchors were installed to stabilize, CleanSpace was installed as a waterproof barrier and then Wall Anchor Covers were added on top to clean up the look and allow for easy access. 

  • Helical Piering in Aurora, CO
    Helical Piering in Aurora, CO

    This homeowner in Aurora, CO had become concerned with his foundation's structural longevity after noticing several cracks in the bricking and cement outside of his home. Knowing that if they were left untreated the repairs would become more costly, he hopped on HomeAdvisor and inquired about foundation repairs and was referred to us! After having a full inspection done by an engineer in our network, we sent out our foreman Agustin and his crew to install 12 helical piers to permanently stabilize the foundation and correct any previous damage.


  • Foundation Repair Services of Denver
    Foundation Repair Services of Denver
  • Helical Pier Installation in Longmont, CO
    Helical Pier Installation in Longmont, CO

    After noticing some serious foundation-shifting warning signs, this homeowner in Longmont, CO became worried about further damage. Noticing cracks in her ceiling, bricks shifting around the perimeter and doors not opening and closing properly, she decided to call the best in foundation stabilization, Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems! After her no-obligation estimate and consultation, she knew we were the right ones for the job. Our amazing foreman Israel went out to her home and installed a whopping 10 Helical Piers on the north and south sides of the home. Now that her foundation has been stabilized and lifted to its original position, she no longer has to worry about any more settling or movement! the results are amazing, and this homeowner can now have peace of mind that her home has been permanently restored to its original condition!

  • Repairing Severely Bowing Walls in Broomfield, CO
    Repairing Severely Bowing Walls in Broomfield, CO

    The foundation wall of this Broomfield, Colorado home was on the verge of total wall failure. As you can see, the wall was bowed in severely from the wet, expansive soil outside. Our solution had several parts. First, the wall was straightened out with eight Geo-Lock Wall Anchors. However, because of the extensive cracking in the wall, we needed to use C-Channels that ran from floor to ceiling to permanently stabilize the wall. We then filled in all these cracks with an Epoxy Injection. The results are simply amazing. 

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