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Sealed Foundation Walls

A sealed foundation wall is a good investment as it stops water from the outside from entering the basement and damaging your stuff.

Sealing basement walls tops the list of waterproofing measures that local basement contractors implement to keep water out of vulnerable homes. Without a sealed wall, your home will get damp quickly. Floors and walls won’t just grow cold, but they will allow mold and mildew to grow. For these reasons, it’s important to have a sealed foundation wall. Read on to learn about this type of wall and the benefits of creating one. 

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What Are Sealed Foundation Walls? 

Any foundation wall that incorporates waterproofing solutions or a dampness-proofing material is known as a sealed foundation wall. This wall is impermeable, meaning it doesn’t allow water to seep through it. As a homeowner, we encourage you to have your basement or foundation walls sealed. That’s the only way you can stop nasty leaks and avert water damage and costly repairs. 

Will Simply Painting Your Walls Do the Job? 

In your quest to keep water out of your home, you may resort to applying paint on the inside. Here’s the ugly truth. Painting and other remedies like DIY sealants won’t address moisture issues sufficiently. They’re more like bandages that stop the pain for a moment but won’t resolve your water problems for good. 

What you need is an integrated interior waterproofing solution that addresses water infiltration, drainage, hydrostatic pressure, and your foundation’s health. Such an approach to waterproofing eliminates or deters forces that gang up to damage your walls. The best solution will hold up against compressive and expansive forces and ensure the basement stays dry. 

Best Solution for Sealing Foundation Walls 

There are several products available, but only from a basement waterproofing and foundation repair professional. For lasting results, we recommend the WallSeal™ vapor barrier that we often use to cover unsightly basement walls. The upside of this system is that it enhances the looks of your unfinished basement space and doubles up as a waterproofing solution that locks out moisture. 

WallSeal™ vapor barrier comes with antimicrobial protection and a longtime warranty for tear and wear. The material is washable and durable. The flexible nature of the plastic vapor barrier means it can cover irregular walls. It’s also thick enough to stop outside water from penetrating the basement walls and causing water damage. A qualified contractor can install it in a few hours and your basement can be ready for use the same day. If your unfinished basement is becoming an eyesore or you think an upgrade is overdue, this might be the right solution for you. 

How to Seal the Wall 

A typical waterproofing job by our experts starts with a quick inspection of your basement walls to locate cracks. If there are none, our waterproofing technicians will go ahead and fasten the WallSeal™, a 12-mil plastic vapor barrier to your unfinished basement wall using plastic drilled-in fasteners. The flawlessly installed vapor barrier will direct any leakage in the wall into the BasementGutter™ interior system that is installed just underneath the basement floor. This solution is designed to last and won’t flake away or peel off like other temporary solutions like wall paint. 

Benefits of a Sealed Foundation Wall 

There are many benefits to sealing your foundation walls with a plastic vapor barrier. Here are the top four. 

Prevents dampness: Vapor barriers are water-resistant, meaning they can stop both moisture and water from seeping through your walls into your basement. 

Eliminate nasty odors: By sealing your foundation walls, you can eliminate nasty odors that make the indoor air stale. You and your loved ones will breathe easily. 

Improves energy efficiency: A sealed foundation wall isn’t susceptible to water or temperature fluctuations. Your interior will stay comfortable all year round, and your HVAC system won’t struggle as much to regulate your preferred indoor temperature. 

Boosts your home’s resale value: Having a home with a sealed foundation wall is a major selling point. Potential buyers will be confident to make a purchase knowing they won’t have to deal with moisture issues. 

If you would like to repair cracks on your foundation walls and waterproof them so moisture won’t bother you, now is the right time to get a free waterproofing inspection and quote. Our experts in Colorado will give you a walk-through of our industry-approved waterproofing solutions and recommend the best fit for your particular case. 

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