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Installing an Interior Drainage System in a Pueblo, CO, Home

Homeowners in Pueblo, CO, had a leakage problem in their basement. With several waterproofing methods, we were able to fix this issue.

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Most homeowners would never trade their house with a basement for a place with a slab foundation. This is because they have realized that having a basement comes with various perks. Every single thing that is used only once a year or furniture pieces that have sentimental value but are no longer used can be stored down there, where they won’t take up any living space. In addition, a bigger basement can be conveniently converted into a living space and turned into an entertainment area, a spare room, or a home gym. 

Unfortunately, a wet or damp basement is useless. It becomes a wellspring of germs, mildew, and mold, as well as a potential home of various pests. Mice, rats, and other rodents love dark and moist places, and since a basement is close to a food source, it can be quickly inhabited by these nasty creatures. 

This is why it is essential to waterproof your basement and keep it safe from this type of damage. When these homeowners from Pueblo, CO, contacted us, they were experiencing problems with basement leaks for some time. They wanted to address the issue before it caused more damage and required more complicated repairs. 

With several waterproofing methods including an interior drainage system and a sump pump, we were able to solve their problems for good and improve their quality of life. 

waterproofing installed

Meeting the Customers 

Water in the basement is never good news, and our customers were well aware of that. They knew that solving this problem was not something they could put off for a long time. If they decided to sell this home in the future, this type of issue could significantly lower the price of their property. In addition, they would have a hard time selling a place with such an evident problem in today’s competitive market. What is even worse, leaks can often be a sign of foundation damage, and potential buyers would easily move on to a home with a healthy foundation. 

Our customers had been living in their home for eight years. It was a rather new house since it was built in 2007. Unfortunately, water was often coming into the basement, which increased the risk of mold growth. Airborne mold spores could easily contaminate the air in the living space and cause various health problems. Preventing those leaks and lowering humidity levels in the basement was the best way to keep the mold away and increase the homeowners’ quality of life. 

Initial Inspection 

Our expert was called to inspect the home in Pueblo, CO, located 45 south of Colorado Springs, CO, and determine the best solution for the ongoing problem. When the inspector came to the house, he saw that it was a pretty new one-story ranch house with a basement. The moment he walked into the basement, he was able to notice signs of water damage. The water was coming through the walls and the floor, and the air was humid. It was evident that water from the oversaturated soil around the foundation was infiltrating the basement due to hydrostatic pressure. Since the Colorado Springs area has its fair share of rainy days, this problem was not going to go away on its own. 

After a thorough inspection, our expert suggested several waterproofing solutions, and after some consideration, our customers agreed to go with our interior drainage system and several other options. 

leaking basement walls

Repairing the Damage 

To make sure that their basement will stay dry, we installed several waterproofing solutions. First, our crew installed the BasementGutter™ interior drainage system that will catch the water that infiltrates the walls and send it to the sump pump before it gets a chance to cause any damage.  

This drainage system goes below the basement floor, so it is almost invisible once it is in place. The best thing about our BasementGutter™ system is that it doesn’t require any heavy excavation, unlike an exterior drainage system. It can be quickly installed and has a clog-free design, so it can be easily maintained.  

Since the BasementGutter™ system comes with a longtime warranty, homeowners can be at ease for decades to come knowing that this system will keep their basement dry.  

Our crew also installed a SafeDri™ sump pump that will quickly discharge large volumes of water in case there is a flood. The reason why we recommend the SafeDri™ pump to our customers is its cast-iron casing and reliable switch. 

To prevent water from coming in through the walls and leaking onto the basement floor we covered the walls with WallSeal™ vapor barrier. It is a completely waterproof, plastic vapor barrier that is durable and has anti-microbial protection. It can also be easily washed whenever needed. 

During the harsh winters when temperatures significantly drop, the pipes can freeze and become clogged. To allow water to escape from the exterior sump pump discharge line even when this happens, we installed a FreezeGuard™ attachment. This fixture prevents pump damage and burnout and provides overflow protection. 

Another fixture our crew installed is YardWell™. This special outlet is designed to camouflage the end of the pipe and minimize visible extrusions. It also prevents objects from entering the pipe. The outlet won’t crack from the sun or fade over time due to its integrated UV inhibitors. YardWell™ is made of thick, durable polymer so the homeowners do not have to worry about potential damage. 

The entire project was completed in two days. Our customers were satisfied with our work and there were no problems during the installations.  

 installed vapor barrier

The homeowners had this to say about our work: 

“The installation crew came on time, and they were polite and courteous. We were completely satisfied with the clean-up. It is without a doubt that we will gladly recommend Complete Basement Systems to our friends.”  

Do you have standing water in your basement? Or maybe the humidity levels are causing mold growth and mildew? Whatever the case, contact professionals at Complete Basement Systems and schedule a free inspection and quote. One of our professionals will come to your home, assess the situation, and recommend the most suitable solution for your home and your budget. 

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