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Women’s Day Blog: What It’s Like Being A Woman In the Construction Industry

Women's Day Blog: What It's Like Being A Woman In the Construction Industry - Image 1

Making up a mere 9% of the industry workforce, women in construction have been paving the way for inclusivity and equality in recent years despite operating in a male-dominated field. The industry has seen a steady increase of women in recent years, challenging the stereotype of the “construction man” and representing the career opportunities available to women in construction. From management and recruiting to marketing and on-site labor, there’s an opportunity for every woman to prove that with the right skills, strength and attitude we can advance and impact the industry.

For International Women’s Day, we asked some of our ladies at Rod Martin’s about their experiences working in the construction industry and how it has impacted them.

Lyndsie, Content Marketing Coordinator: A lot of people assume that construction is dirty, dangerous, and male-dominated, but I’ve never seen it that way. The culture has changed a lot, and I think the women in the field have a lot to do with that. My job not only makes me feel empowered, but very valuable to the company and society. I know that each day I come into work that I play a vital role in improving people’s quality of life. I get to be the person, the woman, who first sees the outpour of positive impact this company has on people. When I leave for the day, I know that I, along with the other amazing women I work with, have built irreplaceable relationships with our other co-workers and the people we serve. Every day is different, and I have the opportunity to challenge myself and reach heights I would have never been able to without this company. I’m a younger woman in the industry, so there’s always bound to be a challenge, that’s inevitable and unavoidable. That being said, I take enormous pride in being able to prove my worth and change people’s thinking and redefining the way young women are viewed in the industry.

Sara, Recruiter: It can definitely be challenging, but being able to prove to others that you’re capable of doing whatever you put your mind to is an amazing feeling. People assume that women in the industry don’t have the knowledge or the skill necessary to thrive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Honestly, coming into a male dominant industry can be intimidating. With that being said, I have learned some valuable lessons that I will continuously keep in mind as I grow in my career. The first one is to work hard regardless of other’s opinions and doubts about me due to my gender. The harder I work, the more confident I feel about my skills and abilities. At the end of the day, it should not matter what anyone else thinks as long as I feel great about my performance. Most importantly, I have learned to never victimize myself because of my gender. I have proven that I am just as capable of being in this industry as anyone else, and that there is nothing that I can’t accomplish if I set my mind to it. By letting myself doubt my abilities, I am hindering my progress professionally and letting down those other strong women that have fought relentlessly for work place equality. I think as women, we have proven that we are capable of being leaders in male dominant industries.  I strive to honor the strong women that have come before me by thriving in my industry regardless of any hurdles that may come my way.

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