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The Radon Pledge

In collaboration with Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems, I pledge to protect myself, my family, and my loved ones from the dangers of cancer-causing Radon. My decision to be proactive demonstrates the importance and seriousness of Radon risk reduction. I understand the ultimate goal is to eliminate Radon-induced cancer through expanded awareness of Radon testing and mitigation. I commit to Root Out Radon and protect what's important to me.

As a commitment to my health and the health of my loved ones, I will take the following actions to Root Out Radon.

I pledge to:

Recognize that Radon is a real issue that causes 21,000 cancer-related deaths per year.

Act against Radon to ensure it does not affect me, my family, or my loved ones.

Discuss issues related to Radon with those who are unaware of its threat.

Omit Radon by taking necessary steps to remove it from my home.

Negate Radon in situations that I have the ability to do so.

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