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7 Tips for Keeping Your Basement Waterproof This Summer

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For most homeowners, the thought of dealing with a wet basement is never welcome. There is always a certain level of contentment that comes with having a waterproof basement. If you keep most of your belongings in the basement, you probably know that this area needs to stay dry throughout. The big question here remains, how do you keep it moisture-free?

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Here is how:

1) Close the Basement Windows

The moment you open your basement windows, you allow direct entry for warm and damp air into the basement. The buildup of moisture is the last thing you want in your basement, and that is why the windows should remain shut. The upstairs door leading to the basement should also remain closed (to prevent damp air from the main house from entering the basement) because chances are you are keeping windows open during summer.

2) Purchase a Dehumidifier

Condensation and humidity are some of the prime factors that result in a damp basement. Summers are typically hot and humid, and this should get you worried as it can make your basement damp. The best thing to do is to get an energy-efficient dehumidifier. How does it keep your basement dry? A dehumidifier sucks moisture out of the air rendering it dry, preventing basement dampness and mold growth. This unit also will clean and filter the air, as well as reduce odors while controlling the moisture and humidity in your basement.

3) Revamp Your Basement Drainage

Rainwater could enter your basement and ruin it during the rainy season. Flowing from the gutters, this water can seep through basement walls. The earlier you install an interior drainage system like BasementGutter™, the better. Additionally, you need to install a basement sump pump to eject water that enters your basement drainage system. If you can’t figure out how rainwater ends up in your basement, a free basement inspection from local experts could come in handy.

4) Grade Your Yard Properly

As long as rainwater keeps finding its way to your home’s foundation, your basement is not out of the woods. The slope around your home should be properly graded so it can direct water away from the foundation. Get a landscaping professional to help you out if you don’t have the time. Once the yard slopes away, water won’t cause problems.

5) Insulate the Basement

Outside air can get into your basement through the rim joist, basement ceiling or exposed walls. When this happens, the inside will get cold and moist. Insulating the basement with Polystyrene foam or foam board will protect it from moist air. The interior will stay cooler, dry, and comfortable, even during hot and humid summer days.

6) Keep Gutters and Downspouts in Good Shape

When waterproofing your basement, don’t overlook the roof drainage as rainwater could leak its way to the basement. It only takes a faulty downspout or clogged gutter for the water to enter your basement.

Cleaning up your gutters and angling or burying downspouts properly will help you collect and redirect water away from the foundation of your house.

7) Repair Damaged Plumbing

You also need to pay attention to your home’s plumbing because even the smallest of water leaks in the basement could make it damp. If you cannot manage to fix the leaking water pipe on your own, call your local plumber.

Waterproofing your basement is a cost-effective way of preventing moisture, water buildup, and damage. You have a number of options. What you need to do is find out what methods or techniques best suit your home.

Don’t let moisture problems give you a headache or prevent you from using your basement as you should. Start by scheduling a free basement waterproofing inspection and get insights from Complete Basement Systems experts and recommendations to restore your basement.

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