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8 Ways to Weatherproof Your Home in Fall in Readiness for Winter

Fall is the perfect time to take care of the exterior outdoor maintenance work before winter snow and ice makes outdoor repairs difficult.

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Winter is coming, and like everyone, you’re putting the final touches to your home’s interior before snow falls. Don’t forget that your exterior is also vulnerable to the freezing cold. Leave it unattended, and it will face a serious onslaught from ice and frost. Here are eight fall preventive maintenance steps and measures that can help you weatherproof your Denver, CO, home before the temperatures plummet. 

Clean or replace your gutters

1. Maintain your roof 

Your roof is your first line of defense. Make sure it’s intact. Inspect your roof for loose or missing shingles. Rain, snow, and ice mixed with freezing temperatures can destroy the roof. These elements can damage your electrical and HVAC system and weaken wood and drywall. Have a licensed roofer come over and check its condition. 

2. Fix foundation cracks 

Cracks on your foundation walls are bad news for your home in winter. These crevices can allow water from melting ice to get in and freeze, worsening the cracks and triggering mold growth. Check the areas were masonry and siding meet. Carefully inspect the outside and carry out the necessary repairs with the help of an experienced foundation repair professional. 

3. Inspect exterior walls 

The outside walls are prone to blistering and peeling paint. When paint begins to peel, it’s a sign the existing coat of paint won’t protect your home’s siding. This will hasten the deterioration of the siding and lead to costly repairs in spring. 

4. Direct your drainage with yard grading 

Drainage issues are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You need to re-grade the yard to move the melting ice or runoff from where it’s currently flowing to a different place. Re-grading the yard ensures your lawn slopes away from your home. This way, water won’t pool around your home’s foundation and cause flooding and water problems. 

5. Clean or replace your gutters and downspouts 

You’re probably so used to seeing your gutters move thousands of gallons of water in spring that you forget to clean them before winter. Big mistake. Falling autumn leaves and ice dams can buildup on this area and obstruct drainage. Remove leaves, gunk, and debris so water from melting ice can flow down to the downspouts and away from your home. If the guttering is damaged, ask your roofer to replace it immediately. Also be sure that your downspouts are clog-free and angled away from your home or even placed in the ground to further help keep water away from your foundation. 

6. Drain your outdoor faucets 

Turn off the water going to your outdoor faucet before winter arrives. Make sure you disconnect any hose from the spigots to prevent frozen pipes. Ignore this and water pipes could burst and flood your home. 

7. Weatherproof the windows 

Many areas in the home can allow heat to escape and cold air to come in, but none is as vulnerable as the windows. Weatherproofing the windows of your home can result in huge energy savings and comfortable interiors. To stop outside air from coming in, install weatherstripping. You might also need a bit of caulk. If the windows are leaky or damaged, replace them with double-paned windows. 

8. Lawn and garden maintenance 

Clear your lawn of leaves, then reseed any patchy areas with spring bulbs like daffodils. Drain fuel from your lawnmower and leaf blower. If deer are a problem, start deer-proofing by covering plants with netting and chicken wire. Prepare your snow shovels and roof rakes. Clean all summer gardening tools and move them inside. 

Other Outdoor Maintenance Tips 

  • Check the attic, basement, crawl space, and walls for adequate insulation 
  • Install storm doors and windows and remove screens 
  • Inspect your driveway and other concrete areas for hazards like crevices or cracks and repair them  
  • Check your doors and windows for drafts or weak frames  
  • Cover the egress window wells with well covers 

While you can tackle some of these maintenance tasks yourself, there’s no alternative to a professional foundation repair inspection and quote in Denver, CO. Experts from Complete Basement Systems can check your home for adequate basement or crawl space insulation, foundation cracks, and other issues. They also can provide you with a quote to repair these areas so your home will stay safe and dry in the winter.

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