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Basement Waterproofing fun in Denver

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Denver, CO homeowners were hoping to get their basement waterproofed before the upcoming rainy season. In the past they had experience many flooding problems and could not remodel their basement without these issues being fixed. In order to restore the quality and safety of their home the homeowners decided to phone Complete Basement Systems to get the job done right!


Lisa & Mike of Denver, CO were having water issues in their home. Time and time again their basement would get flooded when the rainy season began. In order to remodel their basement in the future they wanted to make sure that there basement wouldn’t flood anymore. Not only did they need Complete Basement Systems to waterproof their basement but they also needed a new sump pump as well for proper drainage.

Our talented foreman Jesse Hass took the job and loved working with the homeowners. Jesse had to install multiple products to insure that the basement would stay protected. Jesse used BasementGutter and a BasementGutter inspection port to insure water protection and proper water flow out of the basement. He also installed a SafeDri ProX with SafeDri Triple liner for proper water pumping and drainage of the water. What is great about this pump is that it can run on its own battery when the power goes out.  The sump pump has ice guard for the Colorado winter months and lawn guard for full protection and drainage outside.

After the job was completed the homeowners are happy with their new water-free basement!

Project Summary

Foreman: Jesse Hass

Products: SafeDri ProX Sump Pump with SafeDri Triple, BasementGutter, FreezeGuard, BasementGutter Inspection Port

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