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Case Studies: CrawlSeal and IntelliBrace Install in Lakewood, CO

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Saturday, April 13th, 2019


This homeowner in Lakewood, CO began to grow concerned with the condition of her foundation after water began to seep through cracks in the north wall of a downstairs bedroom. First brought to her attention by the occupant of the downstairs bedroom, they noticed several other hairline cracks along the perimeter of doors and windows, as well as brick separation on the outside of the wall. Knowing the problem would only get worse and more expensive, they found called Complete Basement Systems after seeing our positive reviews on our own and third party websites.


After setting up her appointment, we sent out an engineer to her home to determine a personalized solution to her foundation problems. After doing a thorough inspection and consultation, she and the engineer determined her best option for wall stabilization and waterproofing would be to install a whopping 9 IntelliBrace support beams along the walls perimeter to stabilize the wall, and prevent any more settling! To combat the water seepage and prevent any other water coming into the home, we also installed a full waterproofing system, including our patented BasementGutter drainage system, A sump pump FreezeGuard, and a CrawlSeal waterproofing liner along the wall where the IntelliBraces were installed.

Totaling 4 days in labor, our foreman Israel and his team set out to install the 9 IntelliBraces, BasementGutter and CrawlSeal liner. After the installation was completes, this room was transformed from cracking and wet to stable and dry! these IntelliBraces guarantee the wall will face no more foundation damage, and the waterproofing system ensures that no water will leak into the room no matter what! Another homeowner with their peace of mind restored.

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