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Do you have a Battery Back-Up for Your Sump Pump?

You shouldn't have to worry about your home flooding every time it rains. Protect it with a sump pump system equipped with a backup battery!

Interior shot of flooded basement

It is estimated that 70% of U.S. homeowners rely on their garage door as the primary entrance into their home, and nearly 35 million homes in the U.S. are operated by automatic garage door systems.  Inclement weather such as heavy winds that can cause damage to large trees, hurricanes, electrical storms, and/or flooded basements could potentially leave up to 93% of those homeowners with no power.  Surprisingly, 80% of these U.S. homeowners are unaware that a battery backup system is an available option to them!

The same dependency in the event of a flooded basement or a flooded crawl space can be said for the majority of U.S. homeowner’s about their sump pump systems.  A sump pump is installed into your home to help prevent flooding, but what happens when the power goes out?  U.S. homeowners run the risk of coming home to damaged possessions and thousands of dollars in costly repairs to restore their homes.

sump pump with battery backup

The number of homeowners with a battery backup system that operates their sump pump systems during a power outage is a small fraction in comparison to the study above.  The patented battery backup system available from Complete Basement Systems is an excellent option for Colorado homeowners to assist in the prevention of a flooded basement or a flooded crawl space.

Our battery backup system will run your sump pump for up to 48 hours on one single charge, and only requires a dedicated 120v A/C outlet.

Protect Your Home with Expert Help

Now that you know a battery backup system is an available option to help keep your basement dry all the time, don’t get caught unprepared!  Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation in-home estimate and take the first step to relax the next time the power goes out!

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