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Drainage System Miscommunication in Broomfield, CO

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Monday, July 10th, 2017


Broomfield, CO homeowner is renovating her home’s basement to provide a space for someone to live. She wanted to make sure that her basement was waterproofed so that her guest would not have to worry about flooding. Along the way of the installation, the homeowner experienced miscommunications with our installation foreman and the City of Broomfield.


Nancy F. of Broomfield, Colorado, is renovating her basement to create a living space for guests. Nancy first hired a contractor from Egress to put in stairs, a drain, and doors from the front of her house to her basement. She was hoping to be able to coordinate this installation with Complete Basement Systems. Nancy wanted to connect the drain the contractor installed in the entrance of the basement to our sump pump system. When planning this project, she was under the impression that this would work smoothly with no issues. When our sales team finally got to the project this was not the case. Complete Basement Systems could not connect our sump pump to her drain because of the level at which it was put it. Foreman Jesse found a solution to make sure that there was drainage in the basement and put in a new SafeDri Triple sump pump. Overall even after the miscommunication, she is very pleased with our team and the services we provided. Her neighborhood had experienced a lot of water damage after the flood so she was happy to finally get all the work done. Now in the future, the water will drain properly and she and her guests will be protected.

Project Summary

Contractor: Complete Basement Systems

Products: BasementGutter, SafeDri Triple, Grated Drainage Pipe

Foreman: Jesse Hass

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