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How Do I Tell a Good Basement Repair From A Bad One?

Knowing the good and bad signs of a basement repair is the first step in finding the right company for your job in Denver, CO.

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No one sets out to hire an incompetent contractor for a basement project. Unfortunately, it’s something that befalls some homeowners who want to remodel their water-damaged basements. Some diligence and inquiries can save you heartache and the agony of losing thousands of dollars. To help you make the right decisions, we have highlighted the signs of a good basement repair contractor and the bad ones.

Signs of a Good Basement Repair Contractor

If you approach a basement repair contractor in Denver, CO, and you find out the following, you’re in safe hands:

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  • Contractor license and permits — A good contractor should be licensed, and by virtue of their registration, be able to obtain permits for any construction or repair work in your home or premises. Many of them display their licenses in their offices, while others post them on their websites.
  • Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance — Waterproofing a basement is an intensive job that not only takes a considerable amount of time, but it carries significant risks. Excavations, repairs and new installations ought to be performed properly and safely. However, things can go wrong. A licensed contractor should have insured their workers and the repairs against damage. In the event of damage, you won’t be held liable.
  • Considerable work experience — A good contractor has the tools, knowledge and experience to repair uneven foundations or cracks in the foundation. Since they have been around for years, they certainly know a thing or two about carrying out foundation repairs. This is what makes them invaluable to your repair projects.
  • Excellent communication — Good communication is key to the success of your foundation or basement repair project. A good contractor should be able to communicate what needs to be done and how to do it. They should also be able to answer your questions and discuss timeframes and the amount of disruption you can expect.
  • Warranties and guarantees for repair work — Just as important is the need to hire a company that backs it works with warranties. A good contractor will offer you a labor warranty and repair warranty for up to 25 years. Even if the company goes out of business, you know there’s a plan to provide the necessary follow-up service.
  • Free inspection and estimate — Every basement contractor who’s worth their salt should offer you a free estimate and a free initial inspection (assessment of your home and basement). It’s become pretty much the standard nowadays. In most cases, there are no strings attached.

Signs of Bad Repair Contractors

Here are some red flags that should alert you that the contractor you’re about to hire is up to no good:

  • Doesn’t take questions seriously — It’s natural for you as a homeowner to ask questions before, during and after the basement repairs. If a contractor doesn’t like you to ask questions or doesn’t address your concerns convincingly, you’re probably about to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Dirt cheap prices — Basement repairs aren’t cheap by any standard. Some contractors advertise cheap services or offer lower prices for repairs. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • No physical address — Unless the contractor is shifting places or just starting, there’s no reason as to why they shouldn’t have a verifiable address. If you go to Google Business or Local Listings and can’t find any mention, you’d better not proceed with them.
  • Asks for a huge down payment — Many contractors ask for an up-front payment as a sign of good faith, some of which goes toward the purchase of materials. However, any contractor who asks you to put down more than 50% of the project before the work begins is probably a bad choice for your basement repairs.
  • Bad reviews online — This is a no-brainer. If you find many negative reviews or complaints with the Better Business Bureau, it’s a sign they’re not professional and will disappoint you just like everyone who’s left a bad review for them.

You have noticed signs or effects of moisture in your basement, and you have decided to get a basement repair contractor to do some repairs. Call us today to schedule an inspection. Whether you need to fix a crack on the foundation or encapsulate your crawl space, we’re happy to supply you with a free basement repair estimate today!

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