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Is a Basement Wall Sealant Effective in Keeping Your Basement Dry?

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ineffective basement sealants and leaking

Keeping your Colorado Springs, CO, basement dry is essential to a healthy home. A wet basement can create a host of problems like mold and mildew growth and ruin your wall and flooring material. Even worse is that a damp basement can degrade the home, resulting in expensive repairs. With this in mind, it is critical to address any moisture issues fast.

How Does Wall Sealant Work?

Sealant application is a straightforward process. You fill the standard caulk gun with epoxy resin and squeeze its trigger to apply the sealant into the affected surface. After a while, the sealant hardens as it dries, forming an insulating layer that won’t let moisture through.

Over time, efflorescence, any present water, and any lingering moisture weakens its bond. Water causes the sealant to peel off, leaving you with a wet basement again. Your best bet is to seek the services of a professional basement waterproofing company in Colorado Springs, CO.

How Effective Are Sealants?

Unfortunately, a sealant is not a permanent solution to water leakage. Even if you use the best water sealant on the market like polyurethane, it cannot permanently stop water from seeping into your basement. When used alone, a waterproofing sealant will only keep out moisture for as long as its bond lasts. From there, everything will go downhill. You’ll be forced back to the drawing board.

Wall sealants are ineffective for the following reasons:

  • Wall sealant, just like paint, will eventually peel off and allow seepage, which can cause extensive damage to your walls if it is not addressed appropriately.
  • Other times, you may be applying a coat of sealant to your basement walls, when the actual problem is elsewhere.
  • Sealant increases basement wall pressure: certain wall materials increase pressure when they have water in them, and basement sealant creates some type of bubble that keeps that pressure in one place. In the long run, it has the potential to damage the structure of your home.
  • If a previously sealed crack reopens, reapplying sealant will not help either as the residual material will stop the new sealant from sealing up the crack.

Why opt for Professional Basement Waterproofing?

Whenever a basement starts leaking or gets damp, the best thing to do is to find a local basement waterproofing expert. Here’s how they’ll help you:

Diagnoses the Underlying Issue

A real pro doesn’t just treat the symptoms but addresses the underlying issues. So, they’ll take time to inspect the crack and the basement to understand what’s causing the leak. Once they determine the root cause, they’ll clean the area and apply the right fix. This way, water stops leaking and your basement stays dry at all times.

Offers Lasting Solutions

A professional waterproofing contractor will offer you proven and lasting basement waterproofing solutions. They will tell you what works and what doesn’t, so by the time you’ve made up your mind, you know your options.

Saves You Time and Money

Hiring a pro takes the waterproofing burden off your back so you can focus on making your home better, spend more time with your family, and do the things you love.

Provides Warranties for Basement Repairs

Most local contractors back their waterproofing services with warranties, which is another way to say they’ll come and fix any cracks that reopen or leaks that occur before the warranty lapses. This way, you won’t spend a dime to rectify a problem that crops up.

If you find a small leak in your basement and want to cover it up with a temporary sealant as you devise a more serious plan of action, that is fine. But you have to act fast or the crack might reopen.

Overall, basement waterproofing is a complex process. Before you decide to do it yourself, you should hire a professional basement waterproofing company to determine the cause of the leak and provide a viable solution.

If you need help fixing your leaky basement, get in touch with Complete Basement Systems. We have the experience needed to uncover any basement issues you are facing and will recommend appropriate solutions to fix them. Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and find out how we can keep your basement dry.

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